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RITA features short presentations and posters, allowing more participants to present the results of their work. All topics concerning rabies are welcome, including basic and applied research, diagnostics, communications, control methods, and human treatment as examples. Scientists, but also regulators, public health professionals, veterinarians, doctors, biologists, wildlife and laboratory technicians, students and all who have experiences to share are all welcome at RITA.

If you have electronic files of previous program booklets please contact us!
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1990 Atlanta USA  
1991 Ottawa Canada  
1992 Mexico City Mexico  
1993 Philadelphia USA  
1994 Niagara Falls Canada  
1995 Merida Mexico  
1996 Atlanta USA  
1997 Kingston Canada  
1998 Puerto Vallarta Mexico  
1999 San Diego USA  
2000 Lima Peru  
2001 Peterborough Canada  
2002 Oaxaca Mexico  
2003 Philadelphia USA  
2005 Ottawa Canada  
2008 Atlanta USA RITA XIX 
2009 Quebec Canada RITA XX 
2010 Guadalajara Mexico RITA XXI 
2011 San Juan Puerto Rico  
2012 São Paulo Brazil  
2013 Toronto Canada  
2014 Cancún Mexico  
2015 Fort Collins USA  
2006 Brasília Brazil  
2016 Belém Brazil RITA XXVII 
2004 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic  
2007 Guanajuato Mexico  
2017 Calgary Canada  
2018 Buenos Aires Argentina  
2019 Kansas City USA  
2020 Mexico City (Virtual) Mexico  
Showing 31 items